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Every business has an impact on society through the way it operates and carries its values. Warren Buffet says, ‘We see no dichotomy in encouraging entrepreneurs to build great companies while also thinking about the manner in which the good fortune that comes with successful business endeavors can be shared with the society that contributed to their success.’

We at 3EA believe in giving back to society through the way of education. Our people understand their responsibility towards society and are passionate about making a positive contribution to it. We believe that good education can make a significant change in someone’s life.


Save Earth Initiative

We desperately need to save the environment every second the Earth is getting polluted by poisonous gases and fumes made by cars and factories…

A Feel Good Experience for 3EA

Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR) has become dominant in business reporting. We, at 3EA…

Giving back to Society

This activity made me believe that giving back to society begins with the smallest of the gestures and are necessary ways…
Team Member: Garima Saxena

Making a positive Contribution

Once when I was coming home, I saw a little girl drawing something on the wall with a piece of coal. The girl was making a …
Team Member: Kanchan Singh

Responsibility towards the Society

It was astonishing to see the manner in which the child was excited to learn something new. While he was extremely…
Team Member: Prerna Advani

Initiative towards Education

Although the studies are very important, but technology is moving rapidly. Considering the future, it is very important…
Team Member: Raj Kamal Dixit

Endeavours can be shared with the Society

Education is one of the most prized possessions and every child has a right to it. I wanted to contribute in my own small…
Team Member: Rajeev Pandey

Education-The most prized Possessions

It is my privilege to be a part of such a noble cause which is provided to by 3EA
Team Member: Saurabh Shakyawar

Women empowerment through Education

I feel satisfied as I was able to make some difference to the girl’s life. I felt even more satisfied and happy when…
Team Member: Sushmita Rai

Changing lives through Education

The purpose of this activity for me was not only to be happy but also to be useful & compassionate. The fact that I could change someone’s life…
Team Member: Urbi Ghosh

Education as a Gift

This activity made me believe that giving back to society begins with the smallest of the gestures and are necessary ways to develop as a nation and as a person.
Team Member: Yogesh Kapoor