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The media and entertainment industries are in the middle of far-reaching digital transformations as progression in technology and infrastructure continue to restructure- how, where, and when content and information are consumed. Facing obstacles and uncertainty from new delivery platforms, new digital payment models, new rivals, and disintermediation, media, and entertainment companies are constantly challenged to find new methods to engage and earn profits from today’s digital consumer. Media and entertainment industries ought to create, expand and implement strategies that take advantage of an integrated and extensive prospect as platforms and channels are converging.

At 3EA, we advise our clients in all areas of media, entertainment, and technology and help them capitalize on the disturbance of market uncertainties, based on our extensive cross-sector know-how and widespread experience in helping media and entertainment companies to improve their profitability and grow in a rapidly changing, increasingly digitalized market.

We help our clients grow profits and remain competitive amid market uncertainty. We have an experienced team of advisors who span the full continuum of media, entertainment, and digital businesses: digital and social media, magazines, newspapers, entertainment, professional sports, outdoor media, B2B information, and data services and marketing services.

Our global clients from this sector of the media and entertainment industry are both on the content and the advertising sides. The strategies of the proficient advisors in 3EA have helped these companies deal with burgeoning digitalization, which has changed the way, people consume news and entertainment, granting more power to their hands. Our solutions include new product offerings and portfolios, pricing changes, better sales strategies, and better communication to customers about various products and their value. We have an extensive specialization to help them deal with these digital challenges and provide solutions that guarantee their future growth, which includes a place for their conventional print products. We help clients maximize revenues from their entire portfolio, both conventional and online.

At 3EA projects in the media and entertainment industry include-

  • Expanding digital and cross-media portfolios, pricing, and product bundle options for both content and marketing services.
  • Optimizing pricing of print and digital content and developing communication strategies that get customers to accept price rises.
  • Setting up structure and communication for content and advertising offers and reshaping the sales associate and creating innovative strategies, communication, and negotiation strategies and materials to support advertising sales teams.
  • Defining and establishing the positioning of a pricing team in the organizational structure.

We assist our clients by working on core strategic problems such as growth, international development, mergers and acquisitions, and digital strategy. We can help with equipped improvements in supply chain management, distribution, production, vendor management, and channel management. Our expert digital media marketing team harnesses digital marketing to augment business effectiveness & help clients procure higher sales productivity and other performance benefits through digital media promotions. This shift involves mastering multichannel to generate distinctive and practical insights from digital sources as a starting point for clients to develop new contact strategies, streamline planning and execution processes, and upgrade internal capabilities.