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E-Commerce is the environment in which the business activities such as purchasing, selling, packing, shipping, banking, insurance & warehousing are carried on by electronic means. In e-Commerce, a telecommunication facility is used, data processing is done speedily & there is an escalation in quality & standards. It is a commercial activity carried out with the use of electronic media, particularly using Information Technology (IT) i.e. computers, networks & various digital devices. E-Commerce & IT industry has grown at an increasing pace, and internationally – emerging markets are now witnessing an increased uptake in e-Commerce sales, while some developed nations are faced with staggering growth. The IT market rose from US $2,081.9 billion in 2014 to $2,199.3 billion in 2015 & to US $2.252.9 billion in 2016. The market for the IT industry will reach $2.321.9 billion this year and $2,461.1 billion by 2019. In a challenging market, our team at 3EA helps the clients to keep their e-Commerce sites competitive by presenting an aggressive price point at scale, creating innovative approaches to convert their visitors into customers with the help & support of an efficient as well as competent IT department.

The Indian e-Commerce & IT sector has gone through an incomparable escalation. The e-Commerce sector has transformed the nature of business & has also revolutionized the buying experience of consumers. The sector is observing consolidation in business through strategic partnerships, inbound investments, & mergers & acquisitions. Companies are seeking to get access to customers, skills, intellectual capital & technology both through organic & inorganic means. The Indian IT industry is estimated at around US$ 130 billion in FY 2015-16 and is estimated to be at US$ 154 billion in FY 2016-17.

3EA provides the opportunity to focus on growth by supporting its clients through its services across all phases of progression. We support our clients by developing factors that enhance e-Commerce growth, which includes a diversified product portfolio, for instance, electronic gadgets, apparel, books, & cosmetics. We work across a wide range of leading e-Commerce platforms to provide you with a number of relevant options whatever the size, type & strategy of the clients’ businesses.

Our team at 3EA integrates its ability to help in characterizing conceivable situations, distinctive methodologies & analytical skills so as to advise on the primary specialized association, technical organization, infrastructure, future activities & business channels to accomplish the goals by analyzing the points of interest of the online business, including its structure, objectives, target markets, rivalry & the present condition of the online scene. As 3EA is a knowledge-based advisory company, our specialized team utilizes its deep understanding to assess where its clients’ business needs improvement, laying out efficient marketing strategies & operations to let its clients achieve their goals & stay ahead of their rivals.

The expert advisors at 3EA support all your business requirements, providing an extensive range of services, with the aim of becoming an advisor of choice. We can help you with your international expansion plans & keep you up to date with the latest international trends & innovations in the e-Commerce & IT sector.

We join hands with our clients to make a safe & adaptable platform, manage frameworks consistently & construct profound experiences for end customers. Our team of specialized advisors, consultants & experts enables clients to comprehend their customers & as per requirement, re-design their frameworks to put the customers first.

From e-Commerce executions, re-structuring & rise to strategy consulting, business operations optimization & support, 3EA offers a wide basket of services & tools to enhance e-Commerce & IT operations.

We have delivered e-commerce websites for our clients with the help of the functional expertise of our IT department, experienced as well as knowledgeable advisors & consultants. Our team of proficient advisors shares a passion for aspiring growth, operating across a wide spectrum of B2B & B2C sectors. In an era of modernization, innovation & a rising variety in technology platforms, 3EA works diligently to stay up-to-date & comprehend the market trends in order to help the clients navigate the right selection of a solution for their requirements.